We deliver social benefits and return profits to those communities with whom we work. 

Our vision is to drive access to and use of proven innovative technologies by patients, public and professionals.

Nine Health CIC’s mission is to accelerate innovative technology into health and social care for patient and public benefit

We focus on technology and innovation research that increases patient, public and carer access to innovative but proven evidence based technologies. We use our unique business knowledge, relationships and skills to deliver health and economic benefits for patients and the public by:

  • developing and driving innovative technologies towards markets

    • handling enablers and barriers strategically

    • increasing the desire and ability to use new technologies through education and support

  • supporting organisations, teams and people to understand and use technologies

  • supporting the research and development of ideas into products and the procurement and deployment of products into the market

The success of Nine Health CIC is built on the key principle of involving others.  We have built relationships across influential domains and disciplines that we can use to link our clients to the right people, resources and knowledge to support their needs.  Our links and associations spread across the following type of organisations:

  • National innovation infrastructure

  • Academic Institutions

  • Charities                 

  • Clinical leads

  • Networks

  • Procurement bodies

We deliver bespoke projects that address our clients’ specific needs by building research and delivery communities across health and social care and related sectors. We work to connect needs, opportunities, evidence, people and organisations for the rapid and effective delivery of patient focused technologies.

The team behind Nine Health CIC has worked together in the NHS and a variety of related organisations for several years. We have history of leading teams to success through research and commercial bidding processes and a proven track record of delivering complex, high value programmes to exceptional standards.